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Our society is characterized by an increased attention
to well-being and health intended extensively
as better quality of life
also in the case of lack of autonomy
due to aging, illness or disability.

Italy is the country with the
highest age growth rate* in the world
but also the one in which the healthy life expectancy
since 2003 is steadily declining*.

Italian families tend to be less and less numerous* throughout the whole national territory.
The statistical data then state that
5% of the Italian population*
is affected by various forms and degrees of disability
and that the disability rate is estimated to
grow by 70%* in the years to come,
while 13% of the population* is non-self-sufficient.

Therefore, there is the concrete possibility that the final stage of our lives will be spent in conditions of disability, fragility or non-self-sufficiency.

* = official data by Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT)

Company activity

Soluziona is focused on the needs expressed by the
people in conditions of fragility or non-self-sufficiency.

Our company gives these people the answers
for the development of autonomy
to achieve a better quality of life.

Our solutions are provided through the integration of
assistive technologies,
architectural design,
psychological counselling,
insurance consultancy,
financial planning
in a continuous process of personalization of our proposition
according to the needs and requirements
of the the individuals, their life context
and their life project.

Our team

Introducing our team


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We are present in different areas of the Northeast of Italy with our partners and associates, contact with us!


Soluziona Group Srl
c/o Polo Tecnologico “A. Galvani”
via Roveredo, 20/b 33170 Pordenone
+39 0434 507 523   Pordenone (Italy)
+39 0432 163 6989 Udine (Italy)

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    Soluziona Group Srl
    c/o Polo Tecnologico “A. Galvani”
    via Roveredo, 20/b 33170 Pordenone
    Email: info@soluzionagroup.it
    +39 0434 507523 Pordenone
    +39 0432 163 6989 Udine
    +39 040 977 6581 Trieste
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